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About E2KITS

Our purpose is simple:
To present business knowledge and information in a manner that heightens understanding, leads to action and delivers results.

E2KITS was founded by Matt Thevenot (currently our Chairman, President and CEO) at the end of 2000 to create and deliver business knowledge products to working people in all vocations. The basis for Matt's efforts was his recognition that in over 20 years of facilitating change in companies both large and small, there were reoccurring themes that defined gaps in operating practices and generated unnecessary resistance to change initiatives. These gaps also prevented newly implemented tools from achieving their potential benefit. While productivity has continued to increase in the world over the last century, business and personal decisions have left a lot of productivity improvements unrealized.

The premise behind the real value proposition of our products is that heightened understanding will lead to action that benefits the career success of individuals and the business success of the companies that they work for. Users of our products must make the decision to leverage this understanding and make it work to their best interests. To help our users maximize their understanding, our products are designed to engage the user interactively and build understanding at a high level before beginning to consider increasing complexity. As Matt says: "Most of us work among the trees, some even down into the weeds and never receive the opportunity to back up and view our efforts and their effects on the forest not to mention how the forest interacts with the deserts, grasslands and other ecosystems that make up our world. E2KITS must develop products that allow all individuals to understand the system in which they make contributions if we are to maximize the value that they deliver in face of increasing global competition."



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